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Boardgamizer Fitness Challenge - Boardgamizer

Boardgamizer Fitness Challenge

Whether you want to design a professional game, develop your creative muscle or just want to learn about game design, you don't have to do it alone.

Challenge details

The Boardgamizer Fitness Challenge is more than just a regular fitness program, this program is made to promote anyone who want to use boardgamizer as a design tool and write about their experience.

Who can participate

If you have a blog or a website, you just have to post an article about a design concept based on a boardgamizer result.

It's made for game designers of every levels, looking for a good design challenge.

Ultimate 52-week Challenge

You can even write one every week, that's the best way to strengthen your creative muscle.

Generate your first idea now!

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How to participate?

Just send us:

  • the reason why we should add your blog articles to our site
  • the hyperlinks to your game design articles
  • your contact email

We'll contact you to give you more details

Click here to submit your info

List of Game Ideas

Name Boardgamizer value Website Date
Borderlords Worker Placement, Confidential, Lords, Diplomacy, Must be under 15 minutes The Daily Board Game 2013-12-05
Karate Painters Maze, Karate, Famous Painters, Most Courage Points, Each player should have different abilities. The Daily Board Game 2013-12-04
Fridge Factory Card Driven, Factory, First to win a number of rounds, Plays in 3 Rounds The Daily Board Game 2013-12-03
Moon Rattler Action Points Allowance System, Crusade, Moon, Defeat the Boss Boards and Barley 2013-11-01
Species Simultaneous player action, Legacy, Environmental, Player elimination, Should use less than 36 cards gamesateach 2013-10-26
Ghost Competition Partnerships , Invisibility, Biggest Combo, Can't have cubes, Variable Phase Order Exercising my brain muscle 2013-10-21
Witches Combat Pattern Building, Take That, Curses, Street Fighting, Most Courage Points, Everything should be black and white. gamesateach 2013-10-12
In The Beginning Auction/Bidding, Alternate History, Holy, Place All Your Pieces, Should feel dangerous Boards and Barley 2013-10-11
Robot Battle Arena Action Programming, Gladiator, Last Man Standing, Must play in under 20 minutes. gamesateach 2013-10-06
Quantum Orcas Area Movement, Time travel, Boats, Most Captured Boards and Barley 2013-09-27
Hou-ti-son Basins Tile Placement, Distopian Future, Flight, Defending the Base, Must use a Board Boards and Barley 2013-09-13