Board Games Designed by Kiwis of New Zealand

Board Games

New Zealanders are rich in their culture and open-mindedness and are also the masterminds behind the fun and exciting board games. If you wish to know the best ones, read the article ahead to find out!

Takaro – Double Bundle

This board game also features cards directly translated into the Maori language. The players need first to memorize and learn the rules of the game, post which they can dive ahead to winning the game. The game lasts for about 15 minutes, during which the players flip two cards and find the matching symbols. The player who manages to find the correct translation card wins the entire game. It is targeted at the younger audience who plan on improving their Maori vocabulary.

Raiders of Scythia


For all the people who love games like a treasure hunt, these are the best adventure games inspired by Hoard- the adventures of the sleeping dragon. In this board game, the players can also hunt for their bait at the appropriate time, awakening the fearful beast inside. It has excellent management and collection and presses one’s luck throughout the gameplay.

Raiders of Scythia


The aim of this board game is simple – the player with the most Victory Points wins the game. Taking plunders, completing quests, and raiding settlements help gain victory points, for which all the players need to assemble a crew and train their animals to collect all the provisions. It is fun gameplay, especially for the younger generation, which keeps them engaged throughout the gameplay. This game is also inspired by the game called Raiders of the North Sea. Every Scythian hero in this board game has their own unique power, which can be used throughout the gameplay.

Raiders of Scythia

Architects of the west kingdom

The gameplay follows the theme of the West Kingdom of 850 AD, where the architects must impress the king regarding their design and display. They should also construct landmarks throughout their appointed domain where they can collect raw materials and hire a watchful workforce to build an empire. The aim of this game is that the player with the most points wins the game. Points are generally collected by constructing catchy and admiring buildings. Once the player constructs a set of buildings, the game ends, and that player is considered the winner.

Rugby- the board game

This game mainly focuses on putting the player at the center of the board. It follows simple gameplay and focuses mainly on having action at the center and front of the board. It is split with teams facing one another with six slots in front of them. These spots indicate the ball’s position in the field and the available cards. There can be as many as 15 players on each team, but only a few will be in action each time.

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